Customised Orders

We now offer a wide variety of different ways in which you can create your own customised DJ Sets Orders

These include MP3 CD's, MP3-DVD's or Blu-Ray's as well as Portable USB Drives or Portable USB Hard Drives or the new Digital Delivery Service.

So there are lots of options now available to customers to choose from.

Download DJ-Sets List

You can download the latest Individual DJ Sets List which contains an complete convenient list containing all DJ-Sets on the Website.

Media Formats

We can offer customers Individual Customised Orders on a variety of different media compiled from any of the 20,000 DJ Sets available.

All MP3's will be in High Quality 192 Bitrate, and will be burned to disc using the latest Digital Audio Enhancements

MP3-CD's & DVD's

All MP3 CD's /DVD's purchased will arrive on high quality branded MP3 CD's (CD-R's) or MP3 DVD’s (DVD-R's)

MP3 Blu-Rays

All Blu-Rays purchased will arrive on high quality branded Blu-Ray's (BD-R's).

USB Drives

All USB Drives purchased will arrive on high quality USB-Drives's for the size you have ordered and come filled with the DJ-Sets you requested.

Ordering Details

Download DJ-Sets List

Firstly download the Individual DJ Sets List to your PC or Mac for editing.

Edit Spreadsheet

From the sheet you can choose what sets you want in either MP3 CD / DVD Format, MP3 Blu-Ray Format or USB Drive Format. The list is very well categorized into different sections to make it a lot more user friendly.

Please now Edit the Spreadsheet to just show the DJ Sets you want on the spreadsheet. You can do this by either deleting everything apart from just the DJ Sets you want or by highlighting the sets you want. You might also want to copy the sets you want to a separate spreadsheet

Discs Requirement

You you can add up the totals in MB's/GB's to see how many discs will be required for your order.

MP3-CD - Size 0.7 GB

Hours of Music 8 - Cost £4.99

MP3-DVD - Size 4.4 GB

Hours of Music 50 - Cost £9.99

MP3-Blu-Ray - Size 23 GB

Hours of Music 275 - Cost £19.99

16GB USB Drive - Size 16GB

Hours of Music 184 - Cost £9.99

32GB USB Drive - Size 32GB

Hours of Music 368  - Cost £19.99

64GB USB Drive - Size 64GB

Hours of Music 736 - Cost £29.99

128GB USB Drive - Size 128 GB

Hours of Music 1,472 - Cost £39.99

Complete Order Form

Once you have your edited the spreadsheet please send it to us using the Custom DJ Sets Order Form below.

Email Address
Attach List


Make Payment

Once we have worked out the price we will send you a PayPal Invoice so that you can make Payment for your Custom Order.

Custom Hard Drives

Please see the new Customised Hard Drives Section for details on ordering Customised Hard Drives full of DJ Sets from us. You can create your own drive containing whichever Artists, Groups, Events or entire Genres you want.

All External USB Hard Drive Orders will arrive on brand new branded high quality USB 3.0 Hard Drives for the Hard Drive size that you have ordered.

All Hard Drives will be packaged in padded envelopes to protect them during delivery and will be delivered by Royal Mail to the address provided by yourselves.

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