Trance & Hard Dance Compilations


The Trance & Hard Dance Section features Collections of packages regarding Trance & Hard Dance DJ-Sets.These are broken down into the three main areas DJ-Sets Compilations, Blu-Ray & USB Specials and Portable Hard Drives     

DJ-Set Compilations

Classic Trance Compilations

Compilations offering collections of Classic Trance DJ's playing all over the Globe at all the old Festivals and Clubs during the 1990's.

Hard Dance Compilations

Compilations offering collections of Hard Dance DJ's playing all over the Globe at all the Festivals and Clubs.

Hard & Tech Trance Compilations

Compilations offering collections of Hard Trance DJ's playing all over the Globe at all the Festivals and Clubs.

Euphoric Trance Compilations

Compilations offering collections of Euphoric & Uplifting Trance DJ's playing all over the Globe at all the Festivals and Clubs.

Psy-Trance Compilations

Compilations offering collections of Psy-Trance DJ's playing all over the Globe at all the Festivals and Clubs.

Progressive Trance Compilations

Compilations offering collections of Progressive Trance DJ's playing all over the Globe at all the Festivals and Clubs.

A State of Trance Compilations


Yearly Compilations offering complete collections of A State of Trance Radio Shows or A State of Trance Birthday Events.

Blu-Ray & USB Specials

We have 2 different types of Special Offers that we offer, these come in the form of either MP3 Blu-Ray's or USB Drives which both offer bulk lots of DJ Sets from a particular DJ on Blu-Ray's or USB's.

Trance Blu-Ray Specials
Hard Trance Blu-Ray Specials
Trance Portable USB Drives

Portable Hard Drives

The Hard Drives offers huge amounts of DJ Sets on an Portable USB Hard Drive which have Many Benefits over discs and mean you can take the music anywhere you go.

  • Complete Trance & Dance USB Drive
  • Euphoric Trance USB Hard Drive
  • Hard Trance & Dance USB Hard Drive
  • Armin Van Buuren USB Hard Drive
  • Tiesto DJ-Sets USB Hard Drive
  • Markus Schulz USB Hard Drive

Genres of Trance Music 

Trance music is a subgenre of electronic dance music that developed in the 1990s. Perhaps the most ambiguous genre in the realm of electronic dance music (EDM), trance could be described as a melodic, more-or-less freeform style of music derived from a combination of techno and house. Regardless of its precise origins, to many club-goers, party-throwers, and EDM adherents, trance is held as a significant development within the greater sphere of (post-)modern dance music.

While there is no strict definition for "trance", songs of this genre are usually characterized by hypnotic elements (hence the name "trance") and "anthemic" qualities. Using that as a starting point, a basic trance track could then be described as being comprised of a particular melodic and/or vocal hook which is given presence over an uncomplicated bassline, a simple drum pattern (which often includes snare and/or kick drum rolls to mark "big moments"), and perhaps one or two other semi-quantified aural elements to provide texture and enhance the rhythm. Trance also usually features more complicated chord progressions and melodies than were found in the music at the time, including 4 chord progressions symptomatic of 80's new wave music. Trance also heavily uses sawtooth waved synthesizers more so than other genres. However, not all trance fits that profile, and often times a song's classification as "trance" has just as much to do with who is playing it as what it sounds like. Some listeners claim the music to be euphoric and evokes spiritual feelings in them.

Acid Trance - An early '90's style. Characterized by the use of the TB-303 drum machine as the lead synth. Artists: Hardfloor, Simon Berry, Eternal Basement

Classic Trance - Original form of trance music, said to have originated in the very early 90's. Characterized by less percussion than techno, more melody, arpeggiated melody, and repetitive melodic chords/arpeggios. Artists: Resistance D, Progressive Attack, Arpeggiators

Goa Trance - A complexly melodic form of trance named for Goa, India, and originating in the early 90's. Often uses the Arabic scale. Goa Artists: Psygone, mfg, S.U.N. Project, Man With No Name, Astral Projection

Psy-Trance - (Ambiguously synonymous with Goa trance, less melodic more abstract.) Psy Artists: Shiva Chandra, Etnica, Infected Mushroom

Hardcore Trance - The hard side of trance. Can be uplifting (light) or dark.

Progressive Trance - Style of trance that originated in the early-mid 90's. Differentiated from the then "regular" Trance by bass chord changes that gave the repeating lead synth a feeling of "progression" Artists: BT, Cosmic Baby, Simon Berry

Anthem Trance - Style of trance that emerged in the wake of progressive trance in the late 90's. Characterized by extended chord progression in all elements (lead synth, bass chords, treble chords), extended breakdowns, and relegation of arpeggiation to the background while bringing wash effects to the fore. Artists: Vincent De Moor, Ronski Speed, Tiesto

Vocal Trance - Broad term referring to trance with a full set of lyrics, which may or may not be any of the above genres. Oftentimes an artist will borrow a singer's talents as opposed to the singer herself (vocalists are typically female), or sample from/remix more traditional pop music. Note that there is some debate as to where the divide lies between Vocal Trance and pop or eurodance. Popular singers include Marcella Woods, Jan Johnston, and Jael.

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