Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common Frequently Asked Questions regards the DJ-Sets Compilations that we have answered for you.

What Format Will DJ-Sets Arrive?

Providing you are buying the sets in the recommended MP3 Format then the DJ Sets are provided in MP3 Digital Audio Format either via Digital Download or on high quality MP3 CD's, MP3 DVD's, MP3 Blu Ray's or Portable USB Drives.

Sending in Digital Music Format means that you get a lot more for your money as more sets can be fitted onto the discs.

MP3-Blu-Ray DJ Set Compilations

Will arrive on a series of MP3-Blu Ray's with Digital Audio / Video DJ Sets on them.

MP3-DVD DJ Set Compilations

Will arrive on a series of MP3-DVD's with Digital Audio / Video DJ Sets on them.

MP3-CD DJ Set Compilations

Will arrive on a series of MP3-CD's with Digital Audio / Video DJ-Sets on them.

Most DJ Sets are Single Tracks, rather than being split into individual tracks.

This allows for the sets to flow and be heard how they were played on the actual night.

DJ Sets will be labeled in the format below;

DJ / Group Name - Live @ Club / Event in City, Country (Date)

All DJ Sets will be organized into folders, making for easily definable sets on each of the discs provided.

What Quality Are The MP3's?

All sets will be high quality 192 Bitrate MP3 Format so will be very high quality.

Sets are burnt to CD using the latest Digital Enhancements for the best quality digital sound available.

How Can I Play The DJ-Sets?

The DJ-Sets can easily be used on your Home Entertainment System, In-Car MP3 Player, Home PC / Apple Mac, Apple iPod / iPhone / iPad, Portable Music Player or Tablet so you have a huge variety of different devices in which you can play our DJ-Set Compilations, regardless of whether you are at home, in the car, or the train or on the move. Please see the information in the Playing DJ-Sets Compilations Section for full details.

Will All Discs Have Audio & Video?

Most DJ-Sets will contain mostly Digital Audio DJ Sets in MP3 Format

However any DJ Set listed that says Live Video next to it will also contain Digital Video as well

They will also play on your Home Audio Setup, Computer, Smart TV providing the system can play the Digital Video Formats provided.

Can I Convert To Audio Format?

MP3 DJ Sets can easily be converted to Audio CD Format using your CD Burner and Nero Burning ROM Software.

How Can I Transfer To iTunes?

You can easily transfer the DJ Sets into iTunes and then onto you Music Player like your iPhone, iPod, iPad or other player and you can then take the Digital DJ-Sets with you on your travels.

Please use the 3 step process below to transfer the files to iTunes and to your music device.

(1) Simply create a Music Folder on your PC for your music using Explorer.

(2) Copy the files from the discs provided to that Music Folder on your PC using Explorer.

(3) Copy the files from the Music Folder into iTunes, then sync with your player.

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